I am indeed delighted to say that we have entered in the world of biomedical communication with our International Journal of Advanced and Integrated Sciences (IJAIMS), which is a multidisciplinary journal. Over the past one and a half year of this journey, the journal has not undergone major changes. However, regular, timely and quality publications has been ensured which is important for the growth of a journal. A good part is that there has been asteady increase in articles being received for publication, which is a good indicator that the journal is widely read and there has been a growing interest in researchers to select our journal for publication of their works. It is very important to have a good balance of different type of article in a journal. I am keen to encourage publication of evidence-based research work in IJAIMS.


Such articles are widely read and even downloaded. These articles also influence our day-to-day clinical practice and in return, journal gets benefit of increasing the impact factor. The paper edition is very popular with readers though electronic media is now gaining importance of imparting and sharing knowledge. It provides vehicle for wider and international access to download selected publications, encourage debate and discussions in Review articles and letters to editor. Sincere thanks to all the readers for their active participation and continuing support and trust in IJAIMS.