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The Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society

Contents of Journal

2012 | January-March | Issue 1
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Table of Contents
1.  Editorial
Gurkeerat Singh
[Pages No:v]
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2.  Review Article
Basic Tenets of Clinical Research
Nagalakshmi Jawaharlal, K Umasankar
[Pages No:1-8]
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3.  Original Articles
An Appraisal of Indian Profile Attractiveness using Digital Image Morphing
Vimal Thareja, G Shivaprakash, Naveen Shamnur, G Arun Kumar
[Pages No:9-16]
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4.  Original Articles
Esthetic and Smile Characteristics at Rest and during Smiling
Kavita Sachdeva, Anil Singla, Vivek Mahajan, HS Jaj, Anurag Negi
[Pages No:17-25]
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5.  Original Articles
Correlation between Changes in the Curve of Spee and the Changes in the Irregularity Index, Overjet and Overbite during and following Orthodontic Treatment: A Clinical Study
Shikha Jain, K Sadashiva Shetty, AT Prakash
[Pages No:26-32]
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6.  Original Articles
Orthopantomographic Analysis for Assessment of Mandibular Asymmetry
Shreya Gupta, Sandhya Jain
[Pages No:33-37]
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7.  Original Articles
An Evaluation of Centrographic Analysis as Compared with Conventional Cephalometric Analysis
AB Nehete, PV Hazare
[Pages No:38-42]
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8.  Original Articles
In Search of Mutations of MSX1 Gene in Indian Nonsyndromic Cleft Palate Patients
C Deepak, A Venkatesan, Arvind Ramanathan
[Pages No:43-47]
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9.  Original Articles
The Association between Maxillomandibular Sagittal Relationship and Pharyngeal Airway Passage Dimensions
Madhurima Nanda, Anil Singla, Anurag Negi, HS Jaj, Vivek Mahajan
[Pages No:48-52]
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10021-1057 | FREE | | Rights & Permissions
10.  Clinical Innovations
Retainer Positioner
Sanjeeb Kumar Sahu, Bharath Kumar Jayam, Ashish Kumar Barik
[Pages No:53-54]
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11.  Clinical Innovations
A Plastic Bottle as Microetcher Hood
Narendra Shriram Sharma, Sunita S Shrivastav, Pushpa V Hazarey
[Pages No:55]
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12.  Practice Management
Legal Concerns for an Orthodontist
Shilpa V Pharande, Sheetal Potnis, Shilpa Jamenis, Rohan Jamenis
[Pages No:56-57]
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