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2017 | April-June | Issue2
Goitrous Hypothyroidism: Changing Clinical Profile
Alaka Deshpande, Abhijit Pancholi, Mayur Jain


Introduction: On availability of sensitive techniques and better understanding of pathogenesis, hypothyroidism is being detected in early stages in milder forms. The clinical picture is changing in the third millennium compared with what was described 50 years ago.

Materials and Methods: This is a comparative study of goitrous and nongoitrous cases referred for functional evaluation of the thyroid.

Results: One hundred and five cases of goitrous hypothyroidism are studied with hormonal and immunological parameters along with cytology; 80% of the cases were asymptomatic/had protean manifestations. The etiology was autoimmune thyroiditis as evident from raised levels of thyroperoxidase antibodies as well as histopathology.

Conclusion: Autoimmune thyroiditis is the commonest cause of goitrous hypothyroidism, i.e., being increasingly detected in the early stages with milder form. Clinicians need to be aware of the changing profile of goitrous hypothyroidism.

Keywords: Goitrous, Granulomatous thyroiditis, Hypothyroid, Thyromegaly.

How to cite this article: Deshpande A, Pancholis A, Jain M. Goitrous Hypothyroidism: Changing Clinical Profile. MGM J Med Sci 2017;4(2):55-59.

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