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2017 | October-December | Issue4
Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitors from Plant Sources for Possible Use as Antiobesity Drugs
Rinkey R Shahu, Sveeta Mhatre, Priyanka Rathod, Chandana Kulkarni, Raman P Yadav


Pancreatic lipase inhibitors prevent the breakdown of dietary fat into fatty acids, thereby reducing their absorption in the gut. This action makes them attractive for use as antiobesity drugs. Currently, a few drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for long-term use in the management of obesity. Over the last decades, studies have shown that many plants exhibit pancreatic lipase inhibitor activity in their extracts. The present review highlights the current status of our knowledge about lipase inhibitory activity in molecules derived from plant sources. We could possibly have a range of natural products derived from plants that could be of use in the treatment of obesity.

Keywords: Aquatic plants, Edible plants, Medicinal plants, Pancreatic lipase inhibitors.

How to cite this article: Shahu RR, Mhatre S, Rathod P, Kulkarni C, Yadav RP. Pancreatic Lipase Inhibitors from Plant Sources for Possible use as Antiobesity Drugs. MGM J Med Sci 2017;4(4):177-184.

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