Introduction: India was among the last few countries in the world to achieve leprosy elimination in 2005. However, wide variations in prevalence rates continue to exist across the states and regions in the country.

Aims: The purpose of the study is to determine the current clinical profile of leprosy from a tertiary-level hospital in Navi Mumbai.

Materials and methods: A retrospective study was done to determine the epidemiological and clinical profile of leprosy patients in a tertiary care center, MGM Medical College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai (September 2011 to August 2015). Data regarding demographic details, clinical features, investigations, treatment, and complications were analyzed.

Results: In total, 207 patients were registered over a 4-year period, with male:female ratio of 2.4:1 and children (≤ 14 years) constituting 7.2%. As per Ridley Jopling classification, borderline tuberculoid leprosy was the most frequent morphologic type, seen in 45.8%, followed by borderline lepromatous (28%), lepromatous leprosy (10.1%), and other forms in 11.5%. Multibacillary leprosy was the most common clinical type (81.1%). About 32.8% patients presented in reaction (type I in 22.7% and type II in 10.1%). World Health Organization (WHO) grade 2 deformities were diagnosed in 32.8%, with claw hand being the most common paralytic deformity (18.8%).

Conclusion: The study shows that despite statistical elimination, multibacillary disease, leprosy reactions, and deformities are commonly seen as presenting manifestations. Large population of migrant workers in Navi Mumbai could be a possible contributing factor towards these findings. It highlights the need to sustain and provide high-quality leprosy services to all patients through general health services, including good referral system. Investigations, such as slit skin smear and biopsy must be carried out for all newly diagnosed patients.

Keywords: Borderline tuberculoid leprosy, Grade 2 deformity, Leprosy epidemiology, Leprosy reactions, Multibacillary disease.

How to cite this article: Ardeshna KP, Someshwar S, Rohatgi S, Dedhia AR, Jerajani HR. Leprosy Scenario at a Tertiary-level Hospital in Navi Mumbai: A Four-year Retrospective Study. MGM J Med Sci 2016;3(2):72-76.

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Conflict of interest: None