Fixed and removable implant-supported prostheses successfully address problems associated with complete dentures in edentulous mandibles. Implant-supported overdenture (IOD) improves retention, stability, function, proprioception, and comfort. This case report depicts step-by-step procedure for fabrication of IOD with castable bar and modified resilient reliner. The bar was fabricated from readily available castable bar system, and resilient silicone-based relining was done by using a pickup impression at the time of trial. The shortcomings of direct technique are overcome by this procedure. It is a relatively simple and easy technique to produce an accurate prosthesis and devoid of wear and tear of elastic components.

Keywords: Customized bar-supported complete denture, Implant-supported overdenture, Overdenture, Resilient reliner.

How to cite this article: Priyadarshi S, Yusuf SM, Singh A, Gupta H. Implant-supported Overdenture using Resilient Reliner. Int J Clin Implant Dent 2015;1(3):113-118.

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