Implant positioning plays an important role for giving esthetics as well as for proper functioning of the prosthesis. Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning are required for successful implant prosthesis. Improper positioning of implant creates esthetics and functional challenge for the prosthodontist. Adequate amount of bone is necessary for functional and esthetic reconstruction of soft-tissue architecture surrounding the implant. For axially placed malpositioned implant, prefabricated or custom-made angled abutments may be used to achieve functional and esthetic comfort. In case of apicocoronally placed implant, gingival ceramics can aid to create emergence profile surrounding the implant. Dental practitioners must have knowledge to create optimal soft-tissue profile surrounding the teeth and implant restorations. Improper positioning of implant not only increases the chances of repeat surgery but also gives psychological trauma to patients. This case report describes esthetic achievement for the patient with labial misplaced implant.

Keywords: Esthetics, Improper positioning of implant, Misplaced implant.

How to cite this article: Shambharkar VI, Sonare SR, Mishra MK, Raut AW. Esthetic Management of Misplaced Implant. Int J Clin Implant Dent 2015;1(3):104-106.

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