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The Duke Orthopaedic Journal


The juvenile Tillaux fracture is a transitional ankle fracture that occurs in the adolescent population. The juvenile Tillaux fracture is an avulsion injury of the distal tibia’s anterolateral epiphysis as the result of excessive external rotation. The purpose of this article is to present a pediatric ankle fracture that is best described as a supination-external rotation type IV ankle injury with an associated Tillaux fragment. This fracture pattern represents a unique variant to classically described pediatric ankle fractures.

keywords: Adolescent ankle fracture, Juvenile Tillaux fracture, Transitional ankle fracture.

How to cite this article:Dial BL, Morwood MP, Fitch RD. Pediatric Tillaux Ankle Fracture with Concomitant Adult-type Supination External Rotation Fracture Pattern: A Rare Injury. The Duke Orthop J 2016;6(1):61-63.

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