A gossypiboma also known as ‘textiloma’ or ‘cottonoid’ is a term used to describe a foreign object (nonabsorbable surgical material), that is left behind in a body cavity during an operation. The manifestations and complications of gossypiboma are so variable that diagnosis may be difficult and patient morbidity is thus significant. Moreover, such foreign bodies can often mimic tumors or abscesses. Here we discuss a case of pelvic gossypiboma that presented as a mass in the pelvis associated with abdominal pain in a post ovarian cystectomy case. The diagnosis was suggested on computed tomography (CT). The diagnosis was confirmed on surgery and the gossypiboma was retrieved successfully.

Keywords: Foreign body granuloma, Gossypiboma, Hypodense mass, Postovarian cystectomy, Retained sponge.

How to cite this article: Sankhe A, Dedhia T, Ukirde V, Bhuta M, Yeshwante J. Nonspecific Computed Tomography Presentation of Gossypiboma. MGM J Med Sci 2015;2(4):205-207.

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