Changelings were raised regarding the feasibility of application envisioned by researchers in the field of molecular nanotechnology culminated into a development of new technique in research which rose in all the stream of biology and information technology. The paper depicts about the use of nanotechnology in multifunctional areas of clinical practices briefly. It has now become possible to overcome many biological, biophysical, and biomedical barriers in health sector. The paper has not only highlighted the importance of nanotechnology in diagnostic, imaging, therapeutic relationships but also focused on an interrelationship of nanotechnology with other chains of research fields such as; information technology, biotechnology, and medicine.

Keywords: Biotechnology, Diagnosis, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Treatment.

How to cite this article: Thakur M, Kadam SN. Nanotechnology: Applications in Clinical Practice. MGM J Med Sci 2015;2(3): 153-160.

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