Even though the physiology deals with the study of normal functions of the body the various physiological processes can be explained better with the help of underlying physical and chemical changes. The scientific progresses and advances in the subjects like physics, chemistry and biology gave us opportunity to apply principles of these sciences to understand the working of living organisms better. The underlying physical properties of lipids, water and their surface interaction led to the discovery of cell membrane.
The use of vegetable oil to calm the sea waves was known to mankind since 4000 BC since the time from Akkadian ruler Hammurabi, but the more scientific experiments in this area were done by Benjamin Franklin, Lord Rayleigh, Agnes Pockels and Irving Langmuir.
In this review we trace back the history of surface chemistry of lipids on water surface and their application in physiology.

Keywords: Lipid bilayers, Oil, Sea waves, Surface chemistry, Surface tension, Water.

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