Background: Women are integral to all aspects of society. They are worshipped, but when it comes to dealing with them, much still remains. Women bear the burden of responsibility associated with being wives, mothers and carers of others. There is a dearth of casecontrol studies. Domestic violence in women with psychiatric morbidity has not received sufficient attention. Domestic violence can often lead to victims developing mental health problems, and people with mental health problems are more likely to experience domestic violence. People diagnosed with mental illness are more likely than others to be victims of domestic violence. Psychiatric morbidity as a determinant of domestic violence has received little attention. Indian culture is unique and there is limited work on domestic violence from Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Objective: To assess the magnitude and compare the cause of domestic violence in married women with psychotic and nonpsychotic illness.

Materials and methods: Sixty-five women attending psychiatry outpatient department (OPD) of SSL Hospital with 35 women with psychotic illness and 30 nonpsychotic illness were studied for the magnitude of domestic violence by their husband. Domestic violence questionnaire was used. Women diagnosed as suffering from Axis-I disorder as per DSM IV TR.

Results: Significantly more women in psychotic illness than nonpsychotic illness reported domestic violence (total/ psychological and physical) by their husbands in past year (women with psychotic illness: 80% total/psychological violence; 65.7% physical violence and nonpsychotic illness: 50% total/ psychological violence; 43.3% physical violence). Total domestic violence with psychiatric morbidity was observed in 66.2%.

Conclusion: Women with psychotic illness have a higher reporting of domestic violence by their husbands during the past years. Women with mental disorders are likely to be victims of violence. Mental disorder may increase vulnerability to domestic violence by increasing the likelihood of women being in unsafe relationships and environments and increase their vulnerability to violent victimization.

Keywords: Domestic violence, Morbidity, Psychotic, Nonpsychotic, Married women, Mental illness.

How to cite this article: Srivastava J, Sharma I, Khanna A. Causes of Domestic Violence in Married Women with psychotic and Nonpsychotic Illness. MGM J Med Sci 2015;2(2):66-71.

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