The present review is a detailed discussion on comparable benefits of hand-made cloning (HMC) technique than micro-manipulation based conventional cloning and developed in the author’s laboratory. Hand-made cloning technique does not require micromanipulators, because the manipulations required for both enucleation and nucleus transfer are performed by hand. The HMC technique includes manual bisection of zona-free oocytes and the simultaneous fusion of the somatic cell with two cytoplasts to produce a cloned embryo. The benefits of HMC include low setup costs for limited equipment, no requirement of highly trained expertise and in vitro effciency comparable to traditional somatic cell nuclear transfer technology. Embryos produced by HMC can be cryopreserved and capable of producing live births. The HMC technique is now applied to different species and can be used in large scale nuclear transfer programs.

Keywords: Buffalo, Cloning, Hand-guided cloning, Somatic-cell.

How to cite this article: Singla SK, Raja A, Nala N, Chauhan MS, Manik RS, Palta P. Hand-made Cloning: A Guide for Cloning Water Buffaloes. MGM J Med Sci 2014;1(3):126-131.

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