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Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate esthetic improvement with the use of 35% hydrogen peroxide clinical bleaching as related to the different grades of enamel fluorosis in vivo and to study adverse effect of clinical bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide on teeth and gingiva.

Materials and methods: A total of 60 children of different grades of fluorosis were included in the study. With 35% hydrogen peroxide-based dual activated bleaching system, in-office vital teeth bleaching was carried out for each subject. Clinical evaluation for improvement in esthetics, effect on teeth and gingiva were performed for each child during preoperative, immediate postoperative and later 6 months postoperative period. For evaluation and comparison, all the collected data were subjected to statistical analysis.

Results: Although in all the subjects, partial shade relapse was seen over a period of time, good homogeneous and esthetic results were seen in very mild and mild cases. A total of 35% hydrogen peroxide in-office bleaching has no adverse effect on teeth and gingiva.

Conclusion: Comparing all the three groups who participated in the study, 35% hydrogen peroxide in-office bleaching seems to be very effective in very mild and mild forms of fluorosis.

Clinical significance: In very mild and mild forms of fluorosis, in-office vital tooth bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide is the most conservative and effective approach in esthetic improvement.

Keywords: Fluorosis, Randomized clinical trial, 35% hydrogen peroxide in-office beaching.

How to cite this article: Shanbhag R, Veena R, Nanjannawar G, Patil J, Hugar S, Vagrali H. Use of Clinical Bleaching with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide in Esthetic Improvement of Fluorotic Human Incisors in vivo. J Contemp Dent Pract 2013;14(2): 208-216.

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