Aim: The study aims to evaluate the patients’ compliance with post-extraction instructions to prevent the development of alveolar osteitis and keep the health of the socket. Alveolar osteitis “Dry socket” is considered one of the most common complications after extraction.

Materials and methods: Study was based on an observational cross-sectional design involving 201 subjects (individuals). The subjects were evaluated via a survey questionnaire and clinical examination after obtaining their verbal and written consent. The study questionnaire was divided into the following sections; section one records the demographic data about the subject while the second section focuses on self-assessment mainly regarding compliance with post-extraction instructions and pain.

Results: A total number of patients included in the study was 201, 122 (60.7%) male and 79 (39.3%) female with an age of more than 18 years. No statistically significant association was reported between a medical condition and dry socket. Out of 201 patients came for clinical examination, 89 felt pain at the site of extraction at different period started from the day of extraction till the day of examination with various pain intensity. Females were the most to feel pain after tooth extraction with 78%. Regarding prevalence, 14 (7%) patients reported having dry socket and poor socket status. A statistically significant association of non-complying patients with the incidence of the dry socket was observed for a wide range of age (18 to 40 years)

Conclusion: The study showed a high degree of association between the incidence of dry socket cases for patients with poor compliance with post-extraction instruction. A strong relation was observed between the patients who felt pain and their gender (females)

Clinical significance: Based on the findings of the present study, we recommend the need to properly educate patients on the effect of compliance and the various complications and factors affecting the socket status after tooth extraction due to non-compliance.

Keywords: Alveolar Osteitis, Dry socket, Patient’s compliance, post-extraction.

How to cite this article: Alsaleh MK, Alajlan SS, Alateeq NF, Alamer NS, Alshammary F, Alhobeira HA, Khan S, Siddiqui AA. Alveolar Osteitis: Patient’s Compliance with Post-extraction Instructions Following Permanent Teeth Extraction. J Contemp Dent Pract 2018;19(12):1518-1525.

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