Introduction: Behavior modification is defined as the attempt to alter human behavior and emotion in a beneficial way and accordance with the laws of learning. Play therapy is one such behavior modification technique. The study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of play therapy among children undergoing dental treatment by the graphological method.

Materials and methods: Children were made to draw before treatment, after treatment of one class 1 lesion without application of any behavior modification technique and after treatment of the second lesion of class 1 caries with play therapy. Graphologist and scores assessed drawings were given by graphological method.

Results: Significant reductions in stress levels were observed in the drawings which were made after play therapy.

Conclusion: Play therapy is an effective behavior modification technique in pediatric dentistry, which may be used in routine dental practice.

Keywords: Anxiety, Behavioral management, Bubble play therapy

How to cite this article: Kiran SDP, Vithalani A, Sharma DJ. Patel MC, Bhatt R, Srivastava M. Evaluation of the Efficacy of Play Therapy among Children Undergoing Dental Procedure through Drawings Assessed by Graphological Method: A Clinical Study. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent.,2018;11(5):412-416.

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