Introduction: One among the various reasons for root canal failure in endodontics is the leakage of an intracanal medicament due to improper coronal sealing.

Aim: To assess the coronal leakage of two intracanal medicaments sealed with two different temporary filling materials.

Materials and methods: An in-vitro study was done on 55 teeth where they were divided into three groups with two root canal medicaments namely calcium hydroxide + 0.2% chlorhexidine solution, triple antibiotic paste, and a control group. These three groups were restored temporarily with MD Temp and IRM, and these samples were checked for coronal leakage after 30 days.

Results: The group, triple antibiotic paste with IRM stayed for more number of days without leakage with the mean of 24.5 days, followed by group triple antibiotic paste with MD Temp. The least coronal leakage was seen in group MD Temp without Intracanal medicament with the mean of eight and half days followed by group IRM without Intracanal medicament. When comparing the two temporary filling materials without any medicament, there was no significant difference between the same. When comparing within MD Temp group, the least microleakage was seen with Triple antibiotic paste with MD Temp. In the IRM group, the least microleakage was seen with Triple antibiotic paste with IRM.

Conclusion: Triple antibiotic paste was found to be the most promising intracanal medicament with an appropriate seal.

Clinical significance: The best intracanal medicament, which is triple antibiotic paste in the present study could prevent microorganism leakage and inhibit bacterial growth.

Keywords: Calcium hydroxide, Chlorhexidine digluconate, Dental leakage, Root canal therapy, Temporary dental restorations.

How to cite this article: Balaji S, Kumar K, Venkatesan R, Krishnamoorthy S, Manoharan V, Marimuthu S. Assessment of Coronal Leakage with Two Intracanal Medicaments After Exposure to Human Saliva-An In Vitro Study. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent., 2018;11(5):406-411.

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