Purpose: This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of various techniques to fill root canals of primary teeth by volumetric analysis using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to assess percentage of obturated volume (POV), percentage volume of voids (PVV), and depth-of-fill.

Methodology: Root canals in 40 extracted deciduous maxillary incisors were instrumented with H-files to size 35 and volume of the canal measured using CBCT under “On Demand 3D AppTM Software” (Cybermed Inc. Medical 3D imaging software). The teeth were divided into four groups of 10 samples each and root filled by Lentulo spiral mounted on slow-speed hand-piece, NaviTip System, Bi-directional spiral and Combination method i.e. Lentulo spiral mounted on slow speed hand-piece followed by NaviTip syringe respectively, after that depth-of-fill for each group was checked. Then, the filled canal volume was measured using CBCT under “On Demand 3D AppTM Software”. Further, the (POV), (PVV) was calculated.

Statistical analysis: The data were statistically analysed using one-way ANOVA, Turkey post Hoc test and Pearson’s Chi-square test.

Clinical significance: Adequate adaptation of root canal filling material decreases the chance of microorganism regrowth, reinfection due to voids creation and minimizes the potential drawback of overfilling like foreign body reaction or deflection of the unerupted permanent tooth.

Results: The four groups were comparable in canal volume. The overall percentage of obturated volume was 53%, 59.7%, 40.3% and 75.1%; the overall percentage volume of voids was 48%, 40.3%, 58.6%, 29.5%; optimally filled canals for each group was 80%, 60%, 30% and 90% respectively (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: The greatest percentage of obturated volume and maximum number of optimally filled canals was obtained in method combining both Lentulo spiral in slow speed hand piece along with NaviTip system. Whereas, voids were the constant finding with all root fillings.

Keywords: Bi-directional spiral, Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), Lentulo spiral, NaviTip System

How to cite this article: Sijeria P, Bhartia R, Swamy KVN, Kulkarni S, Singla S. Evaluation of Root Canal Filling in Primary Teeth by Volumetric Analysis: In Vitro Study. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent, 2018;11(5):386-392.

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