Aim: To Compare and Evaluate the Flexural Strength and Surface Roughness of Lucitone-FRS, Valplast (Flexible Denture Base Materials) and Trevalon (Heat Cure Denture Base Material).

Materials and Methods: Three stainless steel master dies of dimension 65 × 20 × 3 mm were fabricated and were invested in standard metal denture flask. A total of 60 specimens were fabricated with 20 specimens of each type of denture base material. Fabrication of a Heat Cure Acrylic Denture Base Resin Specimen was Done Followed by Fabrication of Flexible Denture Base Resins Specimen. In the same manner, samples were fabricated for Lucitone-FRS, and Valplast. These specimens were further divided into two subsets; containing 10 specimens each from each group. In one subset, Flexural Strength was Measured while in the other subset, Surface Roughness was measured. The Surface Roughness values were measured using a surface testing machine Mitutoyo-SJSeries 201 (Japan). The flexural strength of specimens was measured using a 3-point bending test device on universal testing machine. All the results were compiled and Analyzed by SPSS software.

Results: Flexural strength was found maximum in the VALPLAST and minimum in LUCITONE. Surface Roughness Test was done on total 10 samples of each material, i.e. Lucitone- FRS, Valplast and Trevalon. Results for Surface Roughness Test are Valplast has maximum Surface-Roughness followed by Trevalon and minimum in Lucitone-FRS on both polished and unpolished surface.

Conclusion: Trevalon can be ideal in cross-arch stabilization cases and Valplast and Lucitone FRS can be successfully used in cases of small arch complete dentures and removable partial dentures.

Clinical Significance: The selection of the right denture base material is imperative as it largely affects the overall clinical outcomes and comforts. Results of the present study would aid the dentist in the selection of ideal denture base materials for specific cases like those requiring Cross Arch Stabilization, Small Arch Complete Dentures, and Removable Partial D entures.

Keywords: Flexible denture base, Flexural strength, Surface roughness

How to cite this article: Singh R, Chawla PS, Shaw E, Rajanikanth AV, Mehrotra A, Pandey V. Comparison of Flexural Strength and Surface Roughness of two Different Flexible and Heat Cure Denture Base Material: An in vitro Study. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, October 2018;19(10):1214-1220.

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