Introduction: The closed reduction of a displaced nasal fracture is a preferred method in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This prospective study was conducted to evaluate the treatment outcome following closed reduction of nasal bone fractures.

Materials and methods: A total of 20 patients with nasal bone fracture who underwent closed reduction were included in the study. The cases were operated under local or general anesthesia. The outcome of treatment was evaluated pre- and postoperatively through systematic follow-ups. Clinical assessment was done to evaluate functional (airway patency, nasal obstruction, crepitus) as well as esthetic parameters (facial symmetry, swelling, and nasal deviation). Functional and esthetic satisfaction of patients was assessed using visual analog scale (VAS) pre- and post-operatively.

Results: It was observed that there was significant improvement in both functional and esthetic parameters following closed reduction of nasal fractures.

Conclusion: The present study suggested that closed reduction of nasal bone fracture is very effective in the management of nasal bone fractures. However, further studies with larger sample size in different clinical situations should be considered to confirm the efficacy of the same.

Clinical significance: Closed reduction can be a viable and more conservative alternative in management of nasal fractures.

Keywords: Closed reduction, Efficacy of closed reduction, Esthetics, Maxillofacial trauma, Nasal fracture.

How to cite this article: Das TA, Aslam AS, Mangalath U, Abida R, Nair RB, Soman S. Evaluation of Treatment Outcome Following Closed Reduction of Nasal Bone Fractures. J Contemp Dent Pract 2018;19(10):1174-1180.

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