Composites polymerized with a clear matrix on the surface will leave a resin-rich surface layer that is easily abraded in the oral environment, exposing unpolished, rough, inorganic filler material. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the polishing effect of two different polishing systems: One-step (PoGo) system and Sof-Lex (multistep) system on four different resin composites: Synergy D6, Clearfil APX Esthetics, Filtek Z 350 XT, Ceram X Mono. After polishing, the specimens were analyzed for average surface roughness using a twodimensional surface profilometer.

Keywords: Composites, Light cure unit, Mylar strip, Polishing system, Profilometer.

How to cite this article: Garg S, Goel M, Verma S, Mahajan N, Kaul B, Garg V. Use of “Surface Analyzer” to evaluate the Effect of Two Polishing Systems on Surface Texture of Four Newer Composites. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent 2018;11(4):266-270.

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