The destruction/break/rupture/discontinuity of body tissue/ part of body is called Vrana. Vrana is the most important part of Shalya Tantra and our text have emphasized a lot of wound care due to trauma or a result of vitiated dosha. Here we reported a new case of the traumatic wound, presented with pain and discharge on anterior aspect of little finger for 3 months. A male patient of 35 years old consulted to out patient department (OPD), Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurveda Hospital, Jamnagar, with above complaint. This case was managed with a local application of Madhukadi Yoga and Phaltrikadi Kwatha. Wound was almost healed within 35 days of wound care. This case concluded that regular local application of Madhukadi Yoga helpful in non-healing wound.

Keywords: Agantuja Vrana, Crushing injury, Little finger, Madhukadi yoga

How to cite this article: Patel JK. Management of Agantuja Vrana (Non-healing Traumatic Wound) by Madhukadi Yoga: A Single Case Study, J Res Ayurvedic Sci 2018;2(2):132-135.

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