Introduction: This study aims to provide a preliminary review on the enumeration of medicinal plants mentioned in the Bhela Samhita along with a probable botanical identity. Bhela Samhita is one of the important classical treatises of Ayurveda. It is quoted by many scholars in medieval periods. It has sustained its originality as it is less redacted by its successors in the subsequent era. Apart from the critical edition of the manuscript of Bhela Samhita, None of the scholars of the ancient period or modern times have put much emphasis on the medicinal plants of Bhela Samhita.

Results: A total 286 medicinal plants are mentioned in the treatise whereas a total 419 Sanskrit names of the plants are found considering their multiple names. Further, these plants have shown about 1926 citations in the text.

Conclusion: Bhela has given a lot of and notable contributions in the field of medicinal plants which will be helpful for the comparative study with other contemporary Ayurveda classics for proper identification and therapeutic usage of the medicinal plants.

Keywords: Bhelacharya, Bhela Samhita, Medicinal plants of India.

How to cite this article: Ratha KK, Meher SK, Rao MM. An Enumeration and Review of Medicinal Plants Mentioned in Bhela Samhita. J Drug Res Ayurvedic Sci 2018;3(1): 53-62.

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