The present study was undertaken to evaluate the efficiency of gingival crevicular blood (GCB) for assessment of blood glucose level as a chairside test in the dental clinics and evaluate the influence of Phase I periodontal therapy on the glycemic control of diabetic subjects. A comparative evaluation of glucose levels of gingival blood and fingerstick capillary blood was done before the periodontal therapy and 45 days after the periodontal therapy. Totally, 50 known diabetic patients having untreated moderate-to-severe periodontitis in the age group of 25 to 60 years from the Department of Periodontology and Implantology, D. J. College of Dental Sciences and Research, Modinagar, India, were selected for the study. Patients requiring antibiotic premedication, any disorder that is accompanied by an abnormally low or high hematocrit, having intake of substances that interfere with the coagulation system, severe cardiovascular, hepatic, immunologic, renal, hematological, or other organ disorders were excluded from the study. Glucose levels were measured from the gingival blood using glucometer and from the capillary blood (finger puncture method) using glucometer during dental examination. Phase I periodontal therapy was carried out in all the patients, and the blood glucose levels were measured at baseline and 45th day after the periodontal treatment. Using statistical analysis, the glucose levels of GCB and capillary blood glucose levels were analyzed and compared. The analysis showed no statistically significant difference in blood glucose levels between the two above-mentioned groups. With this study, we can arrive at the conclusions that GCB can provide an acceptable source for measuring blood glucose in the study’s specific glucose self-monitor, and it can be used for the dental office evaluation of blood glucose level. A better glycemic control is observed in diabetic subjects after the Phase I periodontal therapy. Hence, prevention and control of periodontal disease should be considered as an integral part of diabetes control.

Keywords: Capillary blood glucose, Diabetes, Gingival crevicular blood glucose.

How to cite this article: Sharma D, Dahiya V, Shukla P, Shukla P, Malhotra G, Joshi CS. Comparative Evaluation of Gingival Crevicular Blood Glucose Levels Pre- and Postscaling and Root Planing with Capillary Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: A Clinical Study. Int J Prev Clin Dent Res 2018;5(1):15-20.

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