Radiographic anatomic findings have been defined to help surgeons and physicians understand both normal and pathologic anatomy. These findings have been defined in terms of know angles and lines drawn on radiographs. Through understanding the normal geometry, bony alignment, and range of morphology the provider can more easily identify aberrancies that can potentially be corrected to address a patient’s symptoms. One such pathology, patella alta, has had many iterations of radiographic measures to help in diagnosis and treatment. It is important for the surgeon to understand the history of the many measures and the utility of each in determining which measure should be used.

Keywords: Patella, Patella alta, Patellofemoral.

How to cite this article: Ewing CK, Grimm NL. A Review of Radiographic Measurements to assess the Patellofemoral Joint. The Duke Orthop J 2018;8(1):1-6.

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