Rationale: Back pain is one of the common painful conditions experienced by people of all age groups. The commonest site of pain in the back is the lower lumber region, which is expressed as lumbago in medical terminology. The region is subjected to injury more frequently because this region possesses greater freedom of movement. The lumbosacral region is, therefore, subjected to mechanical strain, which is common after the 3rd or 4th decade of life. Surgical treatment in modern medicine may not guarantee previous level of activity. Ayurveda can provide a suitable treatment through appropriate panchkarma modalities useful in such disorders.

Background: A female patient of 17 years, student by profession, came to the Panchkarma outpatient department (OPD). The patient was suffering from low back pain (LBP) with history of fall in bathroom 8 months ago. The patient complained of low backache radiating to bilateral lower limb associated with numbness, pain in L5-S1 area.

Intervention and outcome: After appropriate analysis based on ayurvedic parameters, the patient was treated with patra pinda pottali sweda and kati basti with ksheera bala oil along with oral medication and Marma chikitsa. Before treatment her Oswestry’s disability scoring was 34 and after treatment her score decreased to 6. Thus, the treatment module shows significant relief in the symptoms by 76.47%.

Keywords: Katigraha, Kativasti, Marma chikitsa, Patra pind sweda.

How to cite this article: Jain A, Gupta D, Gupta A, Wetal V. Abhighataja Katigraha: A Case Study. J Res Ayurvedic Sci 2018;2(1):50-54.

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