Background: It is the need of the hour to establish the role of Ayurveda in antenatal care, which is under national rural health programs. Human evolvement throughout the conception to adulthood is conjoined association, shaped within cells, of nature [the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) we inherit] and nurture (the comprehensive nutritional, social, and physical environment). The augmenting field of epigenetic has perception that environment and individual lifestyle can directly interact with genome to influence epigenetic transformation. Ayurveda sighted the urge for the physical, mental, and spiritual anticipation of the mother to be for the momentous event of childbirth and emphasis has been given on care of mother during antenatal period.

Aim: To ascertain the importance of Garbha Samskar with special reference to epigenetic programming and antenatal care.

Results: Developing living being seems to have a wide range of perceptivity to epigenetic modulation. Befitting drift in epigenetic modifications is essential for embryogenesis, early fetal development, and early postnatal growth. Thereupon, the inappropriate endowment of epigenetic changes during critical developmental periods as a result of changes in maternal diet and other environmental components may induce pediatric developmental diseases and even influence health in adulthood. Garbha Samskar as explained in classical texts of Ayurveda involves the combination of Garbhadan samskar (preparation of to be mother and father prior 3 months of conception) and Garbhini Paricharya (planned program of observation, education, lifestyle modification, nutritional and medical management of pregnant lady).

Conclusion: By adopting the custom of Garbha Samskar, antenatal care along with epigenetic programming can be done in order to have a healthy progeny.

Clinical significance: Garbha Samskar may be considered as Ayurveda antenatal care and a novel preventive measure in the context of adverse epigenetic changes.

Keywords: Antenatal care, Epigenetics, Garbhadan samskar, Garbhini Paricharya.

How to cite this article: Londhe DJ, Chinchalkar S, Kaushik R, Prakash O. Garbha Samskar: Ayurveda Way of Epigenetic Programming. J Res Ayurvedic Sci 2018;2(1):42-49.

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