Introduction: Acharya did mention the aushadha for the vyadhi but never skipped the ahara-vihara leading to the pathogenesis and necessary for healthy state. The importance of plants consumed in the form of ahara is highlighted by Acharya themselves at each step while explaining the etiopathogenesis of any disorder along with their cures.

Objective: There is an urgent need to revalidate the concepts listed by Acharya by the parameters of the present era to facilitate their usage without any hindrances. Portrayal of concept of ahara-vidhana in Prameha, as given in Charaka Samhita, seems impractical and to enlighten the hidden reasons behind such special and contradictory diet concepts.

Materials and methods: Charaka Samhita and available commentaries were explored for the analytical review of the references and in-depth understanding of the various ahara mentioned in the context of diabetes. Further exploration, interaction, and interpretation of traditional knowledge in the light of contemporary core sciences and biomedical sciences.

Results and conclusion: Honey in diabetes mellitus (DM) seems to be contrary to the running trends, but compared with sucrose and glucose, because of its lower glycemic index and production of significant higher level of c-peptide, it may be used as sugar substitute in diabetic patients. Grain aging brings changes in the water absorption properties. The starch granules forming the major part of the endosperm of the grain can be damaged causing change in starch functionality and oxidation of components, including fatty acids and proteins. The concept of semidigested food seems to be scientifically rational.

Clinical significance: The present integrative review strengthens the concepts of Acharya that seem impractical in the present era. The sound base of the evidences paves way for the clinical implementation of the concepts in the patients of Prameha with confidence.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Glucose metabolism, Honey and diabetes mellitus, Insulin, Medicinal plants research, Prameha.

How to cite this article: Gera K, Siddique N, Dhiman BK. An Analytical Review of Acharya Charaka’s Perspective of Diet in Pramehi W.S.R. to Honey, Semidigested Foods, and Aged Grains. J Res Ayurvedic Sci 2018;2(1):37-41.

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