Introduction: Trivrut is depicted as the best drug among Sukhavirechana (mild laxative). Based on the color, two varieties, Shyama (black) and Aruna (red), have been opined, where Shyama is said to be drastic purgative and mentioned with some side effect in classical texts of Ayurveda. Rechaniya Dravya (laxative drugs) is advised in Purishaja Anaha (constipation).

Aim: To evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of Operculina tur-pethum, Marsdenia tenacissima, and Operculina petaloidea in patients suffering from Purishaja Anaha.

Materials and methods: Randomized comparative double-blind study was conducted on 90 patients divided equally into three groups; 5 gm dose of root bark powder was administered for 3 days and follow-up was taken after 7 days. Result was assessed with Wilcoxon signed-rank tests for subjective parameters in single group and analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Dunnett’s multiple comparison test for in-between groups comparison.

Results: Moderate improvement was observed in 36.67% patients in O. petaloidea and mild improvement was observed in 70% patients in O. turpethum-treated group, whereas 63.33% patients in M. tenacissima group showed insignificant result. In the assessment of purgative effect of the drug, O. turpethum and O. petaloidea showed better result as compared with M. tenacissima.

Conclusion: In all the studied parameters, O. turpethum showed better result.

Keywords: Marsdenia tenacissima, Operculina petaloidea, Operculina turpethum, Shweta Trivrut, Shyama Trivrut.

How to cite this article: Kolhe R, Acharya R. Clinical Evaluation of Three Source Drugs of Trivrut on Purishaja Anaha (Constipation): Randomized Comparative Double-blind Clinical Study. J Res Ayurvedic Sci 2018;2(1):20-26.

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