Ionizing radiation is employed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes round the clock in hospitals. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of the hospital management to ensure the safety of the patients, staff, visitors, public, and the environment. Patient relatives and the public/visitors who are not concerned with medical use of radiation can become vulnerable to stochastic effects of scattered radiation close to therapeutic or diagnostic radiological facilities. This article highlights radiation safety measures that have public health relevance in hospitals having both diagnostic and therapeutic radiological facilities.

Keywords: As low as reasonably achievable, Optimum dose limits, Radiation, Radiation safety officer, Radioactive waste, Shielding.

How to cite this article: Gomes LA. Role of Standard Radiation Safety Practices in Public Health: An Experience of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital. Int J Res Foundation Hosp Healthc Adm 2017;5(2):73-76.

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