Maxillomandibular relationship (MMR) recorded with the help of wax occlusion rims, with or without an interocclusal recording medium, tends to distort during the mounting procedure under higher room temperature. When the records were required to be transported to the distant laboratories for mounting, maintaining the sealed occlusion rims undistorted is always a concern to the prosthodontist. A simplified technique for stabilizing the MMR records made with wax occlusion rims is described. This technique is easy to perform and no special instruments or materials are required. The records stabilized with this technique remain undistorted till mounting even under high room temperature and can safely be transported to the distant laboratories for mounting.

Keywords: Complete denture, Maxillomandibular relationship record, Occlusion rims.

How to cite this article: Patil P, Nimbalkar S, Shaikh S. Technique to stabilize Wax Occlusion Rims following Maxillomandibular Relationship Records. Int J Prosthodont Restor Dent 2017;7(4):114-116.

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