Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) has initiated various research-oriented health care programs, such as Tribal Health Care Research Program (THCRP) under Tribal Subplan, Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Program (AMHCP) under Scheduled Caste Subplan, and Swasthya Rakshan Program (SRP) linked with Swachh Bharat. The aim of these programs is to study the living condition of people, to make them aware about the importance of good health, knowledge about hygiene, awareness about cleanliness of domestic surrounding and environment, documentation of folk medicine and local health traditions, availability and use of common medicinal plants in that area, and to extend medical aid at their doorstep. Through peripheral institutes of CCRAS, THCRP is being executed in 14 states, AMHCP in 18 states, and SRP in 19 states.
As an effective information generation tool for researchoriented health care programs, CCRAS has developed a comprehensive format for documentation of demographic data, living conditions and health status, etc. of population, which can be well utilized as a tool for uniform documentation of information by students, scientists, and researchers of various organizations involved in such type of research activities. Keywords: Demographic data, Health Care Research Program, Health status, Living condition.

How to cite this article: Maheswar T, Singh S, Singh R, Khanduri S, Ota S, Srikanth N. Suggested Format for Documentation of Demographic Data, Living Conditions, and Health Status for Research-oriented Health Care Programs. J Drug Res Ayurvedic Sci 2017;2(3):241-246.

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