Introduction: The public can encounter an overwhelming amount of complex health information in everyday life. The growth in information and the rapid advances in dental scientific knowledge require that the public should have an understanding of oral health to make good decisions about their own and their children’s oral health. Studies have reported that parental education has a direct impact on oral health of children.

Aim: To determine parental oral health literacy (OHL) and children oral health impact profile among 15-year-old schoolchildren in Davangere city, Karnataka, India.

Materials and methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted using health literacy in dentistry (HeLD) dental scale to assess the OHL of parents, and their children’s oral health-related quality-of-life (OHRQoL) was assessed using child oral health impact profile (COHIP) among 15-year-old schoolchildren. Questionnaire was distributed to the children and their parents for collecting the data. This was followed by a clinical oral examination of children to record the number of decayed, missing, and filled components of their permanent dentition. Chi-squared test and linear logistic regression were used to analyze the data using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.

Results: The present study showed that 57.5% of parents have educational qualification below intermediate level and 36% were not able to pay to consult a dentist. However, only 17.1% of students in the present study agreed that they had pain in their teeth and 73% of students expressed that they were confident of their teeth. The mean number of decayed, missing, or filled teeth (DMFT) of the students in the study was 1.43 ± 1.64.

Conclusion: The relation of parental OHL and child OHRQoL is not a direct cause-and-effect connection, but rather a more elusive relationship. These results suggest that education and counseling of parents with low OHL levels may be an important component for the oral care of their children.

Keywords: Child oral health impact profile, Health literacy in dentistry, Schoolchildren.

How to cite this article: Sumabindu A, Sushanth VH, Kumar PGN, Prashant GM, Imranulla M. Parental Oral Health Literacy and Child Oral Health Impact Profile among 15-yearold Schoolchildren in Davangere City, Karnataka, India. J Oral Health Comm Dent 2017;11(3):61-67.

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