Aim: The purpose of this study was to determine the level of knowledge of oral health care among nursing students.

Materials and methods: This was a descriptive crosssectional study that was conducted at the College of Health Sciences, Mbweni Zanzibar, Tanzania, involving nursing students. Data were obtained using a self-administered openended questionnaire with questions concerning the knowledge, attitude, and practices of oral health care. The students were grouped into two groups: The junior students and the senior students. Data were summarized in the form of proportions and frequency tables for categorical variables.

Results: The study incorporated 210 nursing students, of which 67.1% were female and 52.9% of the participants were in the junior year of studies. Of all the participants, 80.5% were found to have an overall knowledge regarding dental caries, while only 26.7% of the study participants were found to have an overall knowledge regarding periodontal diseases. Almost all the participants, 96.7% agreed that having oral health knowledge is necessary for general patient care.

Conclusion: The participants had some knowledge on oral health care but they lacked its important elements expected of a nursing student. The most information they had was virtually through experience from clinical rotations in their senior years.

Clinical significance: By determining the oral health-related knowledge and practices among nursing students, this study gives insight of competence and dependability of future nurses in oral health promotion and preventive information dissemination, since nurses meet children and their parents regularly in primary health care.

Keywords: Knowledge, Nursing students, Oral health.

How to cite this article: Owibingire SS, Salehe F, Sohal KS. Oral Health-related Knowledge of Nursing School Students in Zanzibar. J Oral Health Comm Dent 2017;11(3):55-60.

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