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Journal of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences


Like any other Indian science and knowledge, Ayurveda—the art and science of life and living has its origin from the ’Vedas’, the authentic documentary testimonies built through tools and plans. This documentary evidences embodied scientific knowledge is the outcome of scientific research conducted through appropriate approaches viz. “Pramanas” that make them authentic and reproducible. The major approaches comprise Aptopadesha (documented testimony) Pratyaksha (direct clinical evidence), Anumana (logical inference drawn out of results) and Yukti (reproducible evidence generated through well designed multi dimensional approach) Ayurveda classics define medicine as any substance that should only pacify the diseases and should never cause any adverse effects. It also documented certain possible adverse effects that are attributable to non-adherence to the basic principles of Ayurveda. This grossly reflects the undercurrent safety and ethical issues embodied in Ayurvedic literature.


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