Aim: To present two cases of rare morphological variations of mandibular teeth which were successfully treated endodontically.

Background: Variations in root and root canal morphology can be found associated with any tooth with varying degree and incidence. To execute an excellent root canal treatment, the clinician should have thorough knowledge of root canal anatomy.

Case report: Mandibular premolars and canines usually have a single root and single canal. Occurrences of two roots in such teeth are morphological rarities. Endodontic therapy was performed successfully in these rare cases with the help of preoperative radiographs at different angulations.

Conclusion: The root canal system is a complex structure that possesses aberrant anatomical and morphological variations. During endodontic therapy, it is always mandatory to follow the guidelines and laws to understand the complexities of the space that has to be cleaned and obturate.

Clinical significance: Thorough understanding and exploration of the complex root canal system with the help of available diagnostic aids is essential for a successful endodontic therapy.

Keywords: Endodontists enigma, Internal root anatomy, Intricate, Synchronized, Tomes’ root.

How to cite this article: Veettil RP, Shubhashini N, Kini A, Bolbanai GI. Variations in the Root Morphology of Mandibular Teeth. J Health Sci Res 2017;8(2):84-88.

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