Introduction: Modern advances in all phases of dentistry have provided the opportunity for patients to maintain a functional dentition for longer periods of time. The disciplines of endodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics fuse when the molars that have furcation involvements are treated by hemisection or root resection. Preserving the socket in these cases after removing the root or tooth segment and regenerating bone around the remaining portion of the root is an important part of the treatment that determines the prognosis of the tooth.

Case report: To enhance bone regeneration, a modified approach was used while bone grafting, where gelatin sponge was placed along with the synthetic hydroxyapatite and β-tricalcium phosphate in the osseous defect of the lower right first molar tooth following distal root resection. In this case report, the tooth after root resection has shown profound improvement in periodontal health, and the socket was preserved satisfactorily.

Conclusion: The simple modification showed an uneventful healing and excellent periodontal health clinically and good bone fill contributing to socket preservation as seen radiographically. The tooth has continued to serve well as found in the sixth month follow-up.

Clinical significance: The future prospect of using bone graft along with an agent that holds the clot and stabilizes it (gelatin sponge) during healing could serve as a useful treatment procedure, as this combination might act together producing synergistic effects.

Keywords: Gelatin sponge, Root resection, Socket preservation.

How to cite this article: Sunil S, Babu HM. A Modified Method for Bone Regeneration using Gelatin Sponge with Bone Graft in treating an Osseous Defect after Root Resection. J Health Sci Res 2017;8(2):80-83.

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