Congenital cleft of earlobe is a rare malformation showing a wide range of severity. The surgical closure of the cleft is an indispensable treatment modality but the treatment should be customized according to the situation. The postsurgical cosmetic results are not always satisfactory as they are dependent on the location and amount of deficient tissues. Predictable esthetic results can be achieved by adopting comprehensive treatment protocol including a staged surgery and pressure therapy. The case report describes the provision of pressure therapy with an esthetically pleasing, inexpensive, custommade ear pressure clip for a patient with recently operated congenital cleft earlobe.

Keywords: Ear pressure appliance, Earlobe clefts, Pressure therapy.

How to cite this article: Sikka N, Bala S, Dhiman M, Khatana R, Garg B. Role of Pressure Therapy in the Management of Earlobe Clefts. J Oral Health Comm Dent 2017;11(2):48-50.

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