Introduction: Indian health care is experiencing a paradigm shift in terms of requirement of resources and changing demographic patterns. The customer-oriented and quality-conscious competitive environment has intensified the need for health care organizations to attain higher levels of organizational performance. Competencies of health care leaders play a pivotal role in deciding the organizations’ way forward and competencies are the cornerstone of organizational performance and quality standards. A cross-sectional study of select health care leaders of India was done from various hospitals and other health delivery agencies to identify and analyze the gaps in competencies.

Materials and methods: A cross-sectional study was planned amidst health care leaders of India so as to assess their leadership competencies. Health care leaders of India were identified after focused group discussion and senior health care leaders, such as directors, deans, CEOs, and principals were shortlisted for this study. Two structured questionnaires were administered to health care leaders of various hospitals in India. The ratings in the questionnaire were on a Likert scale ranging from very poor to excellent. Respondents were asked to self-evaluate various competencies and the same were analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences statistical software. Interpretation of results of data analysis was done.

Results: A total of 300 questionnaires were sent of which 106 questionnaires were completed and returned by select health care leaders. About 78 were doctors and 28 were nursing executives. The study has been able to identify deficiencies in the perceived “existing competency” and “required competency” levels in the selected competencies.

Conclusion: The findings of this study suggest that there is deficiency in perceived “existing competency” and “required competency” levels in the selected competencies of health care leaders. Indian health care leaders are operating at operational levels and have not graded themselves highly in transformational roles. There is a need for training to bridge the competency gap of Indian health care leaders.

Keywords: Accountability, Competencies, Health care, Health leaders, Medical technology, Process management, Strategic orientation.

How to cite this article: Patnaik SK, Gupta SK, Kant S, Pillay R. Analyzing Competencies of Indian Health Care Leaders: Way Forward for Next Generation. Int J Res Foundation Hosp Healthc Adm 2017;5(1):47-53.

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