Aim: This study is aimed to assess the level of satisfaction of patients in tertiary private hospitals in Najran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Materials and methods: This study used descriptive crosssectional design through a survey questionnaire.

Results: A great majority (57%) of respondents are male. Almost half (46.7%) of the respondents are 26 to 35 years old, some (30.3%) are more than 35 years old. The majority (54.5%) of hospitalized patients are married. Some (35.8%) of them reached the secondary level and some (31.5%) completed college. A great majority (57.6%) of the respondents’ salary was below 5,000 SR. A great majority pay their hospitalization by themselves (60.6%). Mean scores revealed: For facilities, the mean was 4.12, standard deviation (SD) = 0.85. For general services, the mean was = 4.13, SD= 0.77. The physician services scored mean = 4.06, SD= 0.88. The highest level of satisfaction according to mean is nursing services with mean= 4.22, SD= 0.80 and the lowest among the variables is convenience with mean= 4.05, SD= 0.84. The overall level of patient satisfaction with the services they received indicated by the mean is 3.91, SD= 1.1.

Conclusion: Researchers conclude that patients catered by the private tertiary hospitals in Najran Saudi Arabia are more of males, at middle adulthood, and are married who reached the secondary level and have an income of below 5,000 SR and have no health insurance. The level of satisfaction of patients in the private tertiary hospitals is satisfactory and that nursing service has the highest satisfaction level, which is very satisfactory.

Clinical significance: The findings of this study are beneficial to the success of the organization. A patient who is satisfied will spread his experience to other people. A satisfied patient will also equate to return of investment. Meeting satisfaction of patients will also decrease the risk of malpractice lawsuits.

Keywords: Malpractice lawsuits, Patient satisfaction, Tertiary private hospitals.

How to cite this article: Llego JH, Al Shirah MO. Patient Satisfaction in Tertiary Private Hospitals in Najran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Int J Res Foundation Hosp Healthc Adm 2017;5(1):42-46.

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