Fournier’s gangrene (FG) of penis is a rare but fulminant condition often associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Fournier’s gangrene typically spares testis, urethra, and deep penile components in view of their deeper blood supply, which is independent of compromised fascial and subcutaneous circulation. An unusual case of a 55-year-old nondiabetic male who presented to the emergency department of MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai, India, with acute urinary retention due to impacted urethral calculus is reported. Patient developed FG of penis with isolated involvement of corpus spongiosum, leading to loss of penile urethra. Emergency penile exploration and debridement was done followed by elective perineal urethrostomy at a later date.

Keywords: Corpus spongiosum, Fournier’s gangrene of penis, Penile urethra.

How to cite this article: Sathe S, Singhania P, Joshi N, Shringarpure S, Raut N, Tiwari N. A Case of Fournier’s Gangrene of Penis leading to Complete Loss of Penile Urethra. MGM J Med Sci 2017;4(2):97-99.

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