The density of available bone in an edentulous site has a primary influence on the treatment planning and the surgical approach chosen for osteotomy. In situations of inadequate bone density, osteotomes are a special set of hand instruments developed to form and shape bone, in preparation to placement of dental implants. Conventional osteotomes are optimally used by pressing the instruments into the bone and malleting into place using a surgical mallet. This article describes a variant of the conventional osteotome, which was indigenously developed to use the handdriven force for implant placement and, henceforth, eliminate the drawbacks of malleting procedures. This would aid hassle-free implant placement in edentulous areas with compromised bone quality and quantity.

Keywords: Hand driven, Implant bed preparation, Osteotome.

How to cite this article: Karunakaran H, Abraham NB. “HN Turn to Drive Osteotome”: A Customized Device for Preparation of Osteotomy for Implant Placement. Int J Oral Implantol Clin Res 2017;8(1):1-4.

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