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International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases


Aim: The aim of this study is the development and evaluation of clinical significance methodology for determining mechanical stress (MS) and elasticity of the cornea comparable to its topographic settings.

Materials and methods: Combining the data of optical pachymeter, keratotopography, and pneumotonometry through our special software allows us to get Lokolink MS distribution in the cornea in the form of maps, which we propose to call keratotensotopogram (KTT).

Results: Normal KTT has the form of concentric, uniform, and symmetrical zones. In keratoconus (KC), the corneal center is more tense than peripheral part of cornea. The focus zone of KC may coincide with the region of maximum MS or may be out of this area. In the process of vacuum-compression test, the reaction of profile of the cornea was markedly different in patients with healthy corneas and in patients with KC. In all cases of healthy cornea, the curvature increased in the center. In KC, the cornea became more flat in the center under high intraocular pressure (in 100% of cases).

Conclusion: The KTT ineyes with the cornea without pathology differs from KTT in the different cases of KC. The KTT can be used for the diagnosis and prediction of cornea’s state to perform the plan of UV irradiation areas for corneal collagen cross-linking.

Keywords: Corneal collagen cross-linking, Corneal topography, Keratotensotopogram, Vacuum-compression test.

How to cite this article: Anisimov SI, Anisimova SY, Mistryukov AS, Anisimova NS. Technology of the Local Cross-linking (Part 1): Keratotensotopography and Vacuumcompression Topographic Test—New Diagnostic Possibilities for Studying the Local Biomechanical Properties of Cornea. Int J Kerat Ect Cor Dis 2017;6(1):14-16.

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