Background: Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health. Obesity is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, and genetic susceptibility. Obesity can be compared with a condition called sthaulya in Ayurveda.

Aims and objectives: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Vyoshadi Guggulu and Haritaki Churna in patients suffering from obesity (sthaulya).

Materials and methods: A prospective, open-label multicenter study was carried out at three peripheral centers of the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences. A total of 165 obese patients satisfying the selection criteria were enrolled from the outpatient department of these centers and were administered Vyoshadi Guggulu (1.5 gm) twice daily before food with lukewarm water and Haritaki Churna (3 gm) twice a day before food for 12 weeks. Patients were also followed after 2 weeks of without medication period. Body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, hip circumference, and 36-item Short Form (SF-36) health survey questionnaire were assessed at an interval of 14 days each till 12 weeks (i.e., 84 days) and at the end of without drug follow-up period at 14th week. Paired sample t-test was used to compare mean change in BMI, waist circumference, and hip circumference from baseline to the 84th day. A p-value <0.05 was considered significant.

Results: At the end of treatment period of 84 days as compared with baseline, a statistically significant change in BMI, waist circumference, hip circumference, and waist–hip ratio was observed (p-value <0.001). A significant reduction in serum cholesterol level was also observed from a mean value of 187.79 at baseline to 183.84 at 84th day (p-value <0.022). Moreover, a significant improvement in all the eight domains of SF-36 health survey questionnaire was also observed (p-value <0.001)

Conclusion: Vyoshadi Guggulu and Haritaki Churna administered together in the above-mentioned dose were found effective and safe in patients suffering from obesity.

Keywords: 36-Item short form, Ayurveda, Haritaki churna, Obesity, Sthaulya, Vyoshadi guggulu.

How to cite this article: Kishore KR, Ravte RK, Nair PKS, Giri SK, Sharma BS, Dua P, Khanduri S, Yadav B, Rana R, Singhal R, Srikanth N, Padhi MM, Dhiman KS. Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Vyoshadi Guggulu and Haritaki Churna in the Management of Obesity: A Prospective Open-label Multicenter Study. J Res Ayurvedic Sci 2017;1(1):17-24.

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