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World Journal of Anemia


Fetal anemia is a recognizable and treatable condition. It requires identification of the etiology to plan a comprehensive treatment strategy. Fetal blood transfusions help tide over crisis and avert fetal cardiovascular decompensation or deterioration due to the anemia. Based on the cause and the fetal condition, the timing and requirement for transfusion are determined. At present, noninvasive monitoring with fetal middle cerebral arterial Doppler peak systolic velocity is the standard for monitoring and diagnosis of fetal anemia.

Keywords: Anemia, Fetal, Intrauterine, Middle cerebral arterial peak systolic velocity, Transfusion.

How to cite this article: Indersen A. Fetal Intrauterine Transfusion. World J Anemia 2017;1(1):27-29.

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