Endometrium has an important role in the success of a pregnancy, providing the site for implantation and supporting the pregnancy to fruition. There is a correlation noted between the thickness of the endometrium and the accomplishment of implantation. Endometrial thickness was measured on ultrasound examination of 50 women, who were being investigated for primary infertility and 50 age-matched healthy fertile women serving as control group, in all the three phases of the menstrual cycle. The endometrium of infertile women was found to be thinner during all the three phases of the menstrual cycle as compared with that of the fertile women in the control group. Difference in the thickness was found to be statistically significant in each phase of the menstrual cycle.

Keywords: Endometrial thickness, Infertility, Intracyclic endometrial response.

How to cite this article: Kumar S, Kapoor P, Nawre S. Ultrasound Evaluation of Difference in Endometrial Thickness in Infertile and Fertile Females. MGM J Med Sci 2017;4(1):23-25.

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