The pregnant patient with sickle hemoglobinopathy (SCD) and mitral stenosis (MS) presenting for emergency lower (uterine) segment cesarean section (LSCS) represents a challenge to the anesthesiologist. In such a case, the choice of anesthesia is dependent on the patient’s clinical condition, urgency of surgery, and the reports of laboratory investigations. An understanding of physiological changes in pregnancy and the pathological impact of MS and SCD on pregnancy will help the administration of safe anesthesia for mother and baby. We have discussed the management of a pregnant patient with SCD and MS for emergency LSCS.

Keywords: Emergency lower (uterine) segment cesarean section, Mitral stenosis, Sickle hemoglobinopathy.

How to cite this article: Devalkar P, Salgaonkar S, Dhale VV. Anesthesia Management of a Patient with Sickle Hemoglobinopathy and Mitral Stenosis for Emergency Lower (Uterine) Segment Cesarean Section. Res Inno in Anesth 2017;2(1):18-20.

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