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Clinical Rhinology An International Journal


Button batteries presenting as foreign bodies in the nasal cavity are rarely seen but common in pediatric age group. They are hazardous due to the extensive nature of damage caused by them. In this study, we discuss the case of a child with impacted button battery in the nasal cavity. A 7-year-old boy presented with bilateral foul-smelling nasal discharge since 6 months. It was purulent, yellowish-green, often blood stained. Radiograph showed evidence of a button battery in the left nostril. The foreign body was removed endoscopically and it was found that there was a perforation in the nasal septum. Early recognition and management is the key to prevention of complications due to foreign bodies, especially corrosive type.

Keywords: Button battery, Foreign body nose, Septal perforation.

How to cite this article: Seth S, Kumar H. An Interesting Case of Button Battery causing Septal Perforation. Clin Rhinol An Int J 2017;10(1):22-24.

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