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Clinical Rhinology An International Journal


The complaint of a nose block is often a complex clinical problem by itself. There is no consensus about the value of objective measurements of nasal patency. However, the perception of nasal airflow ultimately is a subjective sensation and, therefore, difficult to quantify. In this study, we have objectively evaluated 75 patients coming to our institute with the complaint of nose block. The mean area of air blast of both the nasal cavities of each patient was calculated by cold spatula test using modified “Glatzel mirror (GM),” and the subjective sensation of nose block was compared on each visit. We observed that both medical and surgical interventions objectively did improve the area of air blast in both unilateral and bilateral nose block patients. This also correlated with the increase in subjective sensation of relief from nose block in the patients. Thus, we could conclude that in patients with nose block, both medical and surgical interventions improved the area of air blast (p < 0.001), which correlated with the subjective sensation of relief in nose block. Thus, in standard conditions, cold spatula test using modified GM can be used to objectively evaluate the nasal patency.

Keywords: Cold spatula test, Glatzel mirror, Nasal patency, Nose block.

How to cite this article: Kapadia PB, Chaudhari AV, Contractor JA, Patel RB, Suratwala JN, Patel JA. A Study of Correlation between Subjective Sensation of Nose Block and Objective Assessment of Nasal Patency by Cold Spatula Test in a Patient with Nose Block. Clin Rhinol An Int J 2017;10(1):1-5.

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