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The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice


Introduction: Malocclusion plays an important role in the development of periodontitis. Thus, by treating malocclusion, a good gingival health can be achieved. This study was conducted to establish the correlation between orthodontic tooth movement and periodontitis.

Materials and methods: This is a retrospective study conducted on 220 patients who underwent orthodontic treatment for malocclusion. They were divided into two groups: Group I patients were treated with fixed orthodontics, while group II patients received myofunctional appliances.

Results: The value for plaque, gingival recession, and tooth mobility significantly increased in group I patients. However, the difference was statistically nonsignificant in group II patients.

Conclusion: The authors concluded that there is correlation between malocclusion and periodontitis. Malocclusion leads to periodontitis.

Clinical significance: Malocclusion is the main reason for the development of poor periodontal health. Combined effort has to be played by both periodontist and orthodontist for the treatment of various orthodontic-periodontal problems.

Keywords: Malocclusion, Myofunctional appliances, Periodontitis.

How to cite this article: Sharma K, Mangat S, Kichorchandra MS, Handa A, Bindhumadhav S, Meena M. Correlation of Orthodontic Treatment by Fixed or Myofunctional Appliances and Periodontitis: A Retrospective Study. J Contemp Dent Pract 2017;18(4):322-325.

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